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Margareth Dorigatti

via di Monserrato 30, Rome, Italy

The art gallery MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea is delighted to present Margareth Dorigatti's solo exhibition, showcasing her most recent collection, "Luna/Mond" (2014-2015).

In bygone exhibitions, Dorigatti has investigated her own personal referential worlds, invoking archetypes that are familiar even to those who have not had the opportunity, or indeed the courage, to look with their own eyes.

With "Luna/Mond", however, she focuses her attention on something that exercises a primordial and ineluctable influence on each one of us throughout our lives; or rather from the stage that precedes birth to the unstable state that follows death, from conception to decomposition. In heeding the Moon we find ourselves involved in an alchemical process in constant evolution. As ancient cultures knew, awareness of the moon enriches understanding, aids the art of interpretation and directs the recognition of recondite causes.

As Kate Singleton underscores in the critical essay that accompanies the exhibit, "Margareth Dorigatti was born in the wake of a full moon, a few hours after a lunar eclipse. Her fate thus comprises unusual alignments, meaningful conjunctions, and the recomposition of contrary elements dear to alchemists and astronomers. Little wonder that her paintings draw us into a powerful firmament, a dreamlike universe that is also dramatically real: the source and crucible of memories that are intimate and elusive, but also curiously familiar."

Painting for Margareth Dorigatti is a way of delving deep into experience, of bringing what is hidden to the fore so that it can be shared with observers. The artist adopts and manipulates colour to reveal the most elusive aspects of occurrence and memory, recalling distant resonance and the faintest echo of the past. And we, who view these works in our different ways, follow her suggestion and respond to her invitation to penetrate the arcane extremes of consciousness, the archaeology of the soul.


In 1973, Margareth Dorigatti (Bolzano Italy, 1954) enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, where she studied with Emilio Vedova. In 1975, she moved to Berlin to study Painting, Graphics and Photography at the Hochschule der Ku¨nste. In 1977, she founded an Atelier that was frequented by eminent artists and theatre people living in Berlin. In 1979, she was awarded a grant to travel to New York and photograph Lee Strasberg teaching at the Actor's Studio. She began exhibiting her work in private galleries in Berlin in 1980 and, in 1983, with Joachim Szymzcak, took on the enormous project of decorating the Berlin underground network: 75 paintings in eight different stations.

She won the Internationalen Bauausstellung competition for the decoration of the fac¸ade of a historic Kreuzberg house.

In 1984 she moved to Rome, where she has continued her work as a painter.

She has exhibited in Italy and abroad in private galleries, public venues and museums (Rome, Paris, Milan, Pescara, Bolzano, Modena, Bologna, Berlin, Nimes, Lyon, Cologne, Bonn, among others).

She takes part in collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

She is Professor of Decoration at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome.

"Dorigatti is an artist of elective affinities. She is more inclined to look for correspondence in the fields of literature and music than in the visual arts, where she has distanced herself from Postmodernism, returning to a sort of classicism in the ethical, structural sense, to questions of form and substance. Her subject matter has thus tended to be the world of myths, gods, saints and demons." [E.C.]

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from 22 January to 12 March 2016



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